Seed, vet supplies, livestock equipment, Tooele County, Grantsville, Utah, panels and gates, fertilizer, turf, fencing supplies,

Hurst Seed and Ag SalesĀ 

Our Products
  1. Seed
    We have pasture mixes, dry land and irrigated, grasses, clover/legumes, alfalfa, barley, wheat, triticale, oats, turf grasses, three-way, corn, and many more.
  2. Livestock Equipment
    We have livestock equipment for all your needs: squeeze chutes, calf tables, tubs, working systems, etc.
    Livestock Equipment
  3. Vet Supplies
    Vaccines, parasite controls, syringes, vet wrap, antibiotics, etc.
    Vet Supplies
  4. Fencing Equipment
    We have tee posts, barb wire, woven wires, welded wire and all of you fencing supplies.
    Fencing Equipment
  5. Panels and Gates
    Panels and Gates Brand Names: Powder River, Powder Mountain, Tarter
    Panels and Gates
  6. Ear Tags
    Ear tags: Standard and Reflective
    Ear Tags
  7. Water tanks
    Water Tanks-Poly & Galvanized No-freeze waterers
    Water tanks
  8. Fertilizers and Pesticides
    Fertilizers Pesticides
    Fertilizers and Pesticides
  9. Protein and Mineral Tubs
    Protein and Mineral Tubs:
    Protein and Mineral Tubs
  10. Cattle Guards
    We have both metal and concrete cattle guards.
    Cattle Guards